Welcome to Portland Hot Yoga.

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Join the Portland Hot Yoga vibrant community and discover a healthy, positive, life affirming activity. We are located in Southwest Portland on Barbur Blvd, and we offer a variety of hot vinyasa flow classes every day of the week.

We believe in helping our students achieve healthy and radiant living and life-long rejuvenation through the practice of yoga. We believe in the power of yoga to build stronger athletes, physically and mentally. We believe in the power of yoga to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

We also believe┬áthat practicing yoga can be lighthearted. One difference you will notice is our music; don’t be surprised if you hear a Pink Floyd track in the mix.

We strive to maintain a positive environment that celebrates you wherever you are at. We welcome students brand new to yoga and long time practitioners alike. Our certified instructors will help guide you through your practice, helping you progress when you are ready to do so.

Practicing hot yoga provides health benefits like:

Strong and toned muscles
Increased flexibility and metabolic stimulation
Expanded lung capacity and circulation
Cleansed and detoxified body
Enhanced mind-body-spirit connection

We invite you to come and discover the transformative power of yoga in our studio.

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