Mt Shasta Yoga Retreat 2017

Are you ready to recharge your energy and deepen your yoga practice? Join the Portland Hot Yoga Mt Shasta Yoga Retreat this summer, and discover one of the world’s sacred spots.

What is included on the Shasta Yoga Retreat:

Our retreat will leave the studio Friday morning, 7/28/16, and return Sunday evening, 7/30/16. Included in the retreat is transportation, lodging (2 daily meals provided, sunrise, sunset daily asana, a sacred Mt. Shasta hike and tour of sacred areas on the mountain (lead by local Shaman) + much more!

$100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space, total cost if deposit is received by 7/20 $399 person, after 7/20, $499/person. This will be an amazing retreat! More details to come! Please email me at yogatrisha at with questions or to reserve your place. SPACE IS LIMITED.

Why Mt Shasta?

Below is an overview of why Mt. Shasta is world renowned for its healing abilities:

The earth experiences these energy centers as different levels of consciousness, and so do our own bodies. There are seven main energy centers called chakras in our bodies, and also seven in the world. Below are the seven key earth chakras in order, and where their likeness is located in the human body:

First or Root (base of spine) – Mount Shasta, California
Second or Sacral (below belly button) – Lake Titicaca, South America
Third or Solar Plexus (above the belly button) – Uluru-Katatjuta, Australia
Fourth or Heart (at the heart)- Glastonbury Tor-Shaftesbury, England
Fifth or Throat (throat)- Great Pyramid – Mt. of Olives
Sixth or Third Eye (top base of the nose) – Kuh-e Malek Slah, Iran
Seventh or Crown (top of the head) – Mt. Kailas, Tibet

More about the spiritual energy and legends of Shasta from NPR

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