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Our teachers are the heart of our studio. We invite you to learn more about our instructors.

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Trisha discovered yoga in 2003 when searching for a way to balance the stress of being a working mom with two small twin boys at home. Finding her balance on the mat helped her find the balance she needed to be the best mother she could be, and as a result became hooked. After years of practice, she decided to deepen her knowledge of yoga by earning her YTT Certification through Yoga Alliance  in 2011.

In April 2015, Trisha took ownership of ZenSpot Portland, and in September of 2015, she rebranded the studio to Portland Hot Yoga. She is no longer affiliated with ZenSpot.

Outside of the studio, you will often find Trisha trail running or cycling. She is always on the lookout for new postures and class sequences specific to runners, cyclists and athletes at-large to help them with recovery and performance. She has a deep love music of all kinds, and will often spice her classes up with a little Pink Floyd or alt-J.

Trisha enjoys traveling and reading, and she is excited to be launching her first teacher training program in February of 2016.


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Sarah’s ancestors came to Oregon via the Oregon Trail in the 1800’s.  A Pioneer spirit and true connection in the environment has carried into her modern life.
An expert in modern homemaking, one might find Sarah in the kitchen cooking without using recipes and trying to get her two boys to play outside. She lives with the rhythms of the seasons, to make the most out of what is offered from the earth. This might be canning, picking berries, or making fresh sauerkraut.


Inspired by living in the moment and human connection, a deep love of yoga brought Sarah to Portland Hot Yoga when it first opened.  Finally completing a lifelong goal of yoga teacher training in 2017, she loved getting to know her true and higher self.
Passionate about family and friends, Sarah and her husband, Chris, enjoy having BBQ’s, gardening, and watching movies.


Michelle Coefield grew up enjoying the beautiful mountains of Colorado. She attended Colorado State University and received a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise and Sports Science. She moved to Portland in 1994. Because of her desire to have a career where she could help people, she turned to firefighting and was hired as a firefighter in 1996 by Portland Fire and Rescue. She has since been promoted to an inspector position, with a total of 21 years with the bureau. Her background affords her deep knowledge about health, safety and fitness.

Her passion for running lead her to finish The Portland Marathon, several half marathons, and various relays. Beyond the joy of running, the sport took it’s toll on her body. She turned to yoga for the mental and physical healing benefits. This side interest, specifically for hot yoga, quickly expanded into a deep passion.

She graduated from Portland Hot Yoga teacher training in March 2017 and has quickly embraced teaching and is enjoying the amazing community at Portland Hot Yoga. If you attend one of her classes, you will certainly enjoy the synthesis of movement and music that Michelle is so passionate about.

Michelle resides in Multnomah Village with her husband, daughter, son, two dogs, a lizard and a fish. Please visit her, often in the early mornings, at Portland Hot Yoga for an inspired class and some rockin music.



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She first became a regular practitioner of yoga while struggling with post partum depression after the birth of her second child. Through yoga she has found natural ways to push through her depression and anxiety and to allow herself to be open to the worlds possibilities. As her transformation occurred it became obvious to her that she wanted to pass on the gift she had been given and guide people through there own journey to a healthier and happier life.

In June 2016, Lori completed her teacher training at Portland Hot Yoga and received her YTT certificate through Yoga Alliance.

Outside of the studio, you will often find Lori camping, hiking, and spending time with her husband and two children. She also finds joy in practicing yoga as a family at home and believes that starting her children in there practice young will aid them in having the tools to tackle whatever life brings there way!


Tia has taught and performed with many dance and aerial companies, including Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Do Jump! Extremely Physical Theater, Polaris Dance Theatre, POV Dance, and SubRosa Dance Collective.  As an instructor, Tia loves sharing her wide range of knowledge and experience with her students. She teaches a range of classes and styles to all ages, including creative movement and physical theater, dance, tumbling, trampoline and aerial.

Tia has been practicing yoga for over 10 years as a way to cross train, stretch and rejuvenate her body for the vigorous work she does.  She fell in love with hot yoga in 2013, and continued at Portland Hot Yoga throughout her pregnancy in 2015. She firmly believes that she owes her daughter’s fairly quick and natural birth to hot yoga!