Hot Yoga is a comprehensive yoga practice that works all systems of the body. At Portland Hot Yoga the temperature is maintained a few degrees above your body temperature to create the ideal environment for sweating, opening of the muscles and fascia, healing and removal of toxins. We practice vinyasa flow yoga in our studio, which focuses on sequences of movements that develop strength and flexibility while harnessing the power of breathwork.

Why hot yoga versus regular yoga?

We practice a vinyasa style of yoga in a heated room. A vinyasa style is characterized by moving from one posture into the next posture without stopping. Our Hot Vinyasa practice works the entire body each time; postures complement one another; proper alignment is emphasized; postures and sequences vary; an aerobic workout is provided; modifications are used as needed and different breathing techniques are incorporated within a clean and healthy environment.

We teach a variety of class types that provide a different experience each session and are open to all practitioners. Each class is done in a hot environment and includes asana, pranayam and meditation to ensure a comprehensive practice according to nature’s clock. You’ll find class descriptions in the schedule.

Why do hot yoga with us?


  • you want a challenging yoga class that will strengthen your entire body
  • you are looking for a supportive, warm and encouraging yoga community
  • you enjoy great music and a lighthearted approach to yoga (Pink Floyd, anyone?)
  • you are interested in the emotional and spiritual benefits of regular practice

then you should consider doing yoga with us!

What health benefits can I expect from doing hot yoga?

The benefits of hot yoga and breathing techniques touch upon and enhance every system of the body. Through regular practice individuals will experience increased physical strength, cardiovascular health, muscle tone, joint flexibility, cognitive function, immunity support and spiritual openness. The result is a rejuvenated body, calm mind and uplifted spirit.

Can I do hot yoga if I have health challenges?

Yes. Hot yoga is an excellent way to assist in the healing of physical injuries, long-term illness and mental health challenges. Please be sure to mention any challenges you have to your teacher prior to your first class so that s/he can help you modify the class as necessary.

Will hot yoga help me become a stronger runner or cyclist?

Hot yoga can be extremely beneficial to athletes. Beyond the obvious benefit of building flexibility and providing counterpoint to the muscle shortening that can happen in activities like running and cycling, yoga can build strength and balance throughout the body. Hot yoga can also provide heat acclimation for athletes who will be competing in warm climates. We invite you to learn more about how hot yoga can benefit your athletic endeavors.

How often should I do hot yoga?

Practicing a minimum of three times per week and up to six times per week provides maximum benefit. However, benefits are derived from even one class per week. We invite you to try a class and discover if this practice is right for you.